2 Reasons Why Bluetooth Isn’t Killing Your Battery

It’s almost end of the world when a pop-up telling you to connect your phone to a power source, or even worse the “fairly” reminder that you have only 20% battery left.

We’ve all been there, and right after cursing and ranting, we’re prompted to salvage what’s left of our almost-flat battery. Which app can I close? Reducing my phone brightness? Switching off data plan?

You may even heard that turning off your phone bluetooth is a surewin way to conserve the last bit of that battery juice. Or, that you should just switch off altogether in the first place. Guilty as charged, but as it turns out that bluetooth has been wrongly accused of one serious crime: being a serial battery killer.

So here we are today to prove the myth wrong, we did our research and here is 2 good reasons why leaving your Bluetooth on all day will not kill your battery.


In our everyday lives, technology has been pretty much shifting from one point to another, even Bluetooth has evolved as our mobile devices have. Our smart phone, tablets, laptops, and wearables natively support latest version of Bluetooth, commonly referred to as Bluetooth 4.0 / Bluetooth SMART®  / Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE).  They basically means that this technology allows us to wireless sync with our phone/tablet/laptop for convenience purpose (Example: keyboard, mouse, thermostat).

It was developed to send small bits of data at a time between2 devices (Example: your iPhone & Fitbit) while using a more energy-efficient approach. Thus, BLE isn’t is not gonna kill your precious battery.


The advantages yielded from Classic Bluetooth span from enabling driver’s phone going hands-free to practice safe driving and enjoying wireless experience with speakers. Now with the advent of BLE, in how it provides your mobile a new way to communicate with other devices, like retailers’ beacons, smart watches, etc.

These advantages can provide value to consumer include never missing a promotion at the supermarket, tracking daily steps and miles, or remotely changing the song playing via your handy dandy smartwatch.

Thus, leaving Bluetooth on or discoverable mode does not typically qualify as a “Serial battery killer” all on its own. Everyday life can be much easier by having our bluetooth turned on so it can detect & communicate with other BLE-enabled devices.(Example: beacons) uses little to no juice at all.

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